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Mysterious Webrings of FireBird

Mysterious Webrings of FireBird

COOL!!!!!!:-0 People Want To Join My Webring!!:-) Now i'm a Happy Camper!

Welcome to FIREBIRD'S Webring page.In case you are wondering on what is the theme of this Webring? Let me try to give you the best explanation as possible. Basically anything goes. Whether it's a page about vampires or poems or other funky sci-fi things, it's all cool. I will not accept any pornographic websites, no advertisements/buisness website(only individual artistic buisness) and no fan pages please!!!! I look forward to seeing unique pages that want to be a part of my web. And I hope that this Webring can give you what you like as well. So if you feel that you don't fit in, Let ME be the judge of that. So please, join this Webring, and if you want to quit, then that's ok too. Alright?! So take Care and see you soon. There is NO obligation!! Trust Me!

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So you want to join this webring, right? Well,down below is the FORM for you to fill out to become a new member. Please fill out EVERYTHING asked.And after that,it's "WELCOME ABOARD THE FIREBIRD EXPRESS" from here.I look forward to hearing from all members. After you are done signing up, come back here for the HTML fragment link at the bottom of this page. Be sure YOU fill in the following:_site_owner_email, _site_owner_name, and _site_owner_id(ex:#1).Thanks For Joining!!!!!:-)

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