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Puerto Rico


Greetings, and Welcome/Beinvenue to my Puerto Rican Page. I built this page in honor of my heriatge(although I am mixed). I am not good in explaining the history of Puerto Rico. I built this to show the festivities and the beauty of this Island that means alot to me. I have visited the Island of Puerto Rico and I also have relatives living there as well. I do not have much more to say about this site, I think the pictures will speak for themselves. Afterall, Pictures are worth a thousand words. Right? By the way, I will have some more Pics, Postcards and Of course the 2000 PR parade in NYC. So there is still more to come. So enjoy your trip to Puerto Rico and Please Come Again! Hasta La Vista!

Tribute To Tito Puente (English Only)

Our Island

This pic was taken on a deserted sunday morning in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Old San Juan brings back the style of Spain in their architecture.

This here is El Yunque, A tropical rainforest on our beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The view of the half way point in the second pic is spectacular. Imagine if you went all the way up.

These are pics of the view from the hotel of El Conquistador in Puerto Rico. In the distance is a small island owned by Conquistador hotel called "Polomino Island." Nice View Huh?

Postcard Perfect

This is the old fort in Puerto Rico at night. This is located in Old San Juan. This is also one of the oldest sights to see in Puerto Rico. I love this postcard.

Actually, According to this postcard, This is a sunrise in beautiful Puerto Rico. I honestly don't know the location of this but, Then again, Does it matter? We still see that sunrise no matter where you go on the Island. Enjoy!!!

Puerto Rican Links

I apologize if some links do not have english translation, But I can't help that. But please enjoy these websites with or without english, ok? Thanks!

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If you have any Comments or suggestions, I am open to anyone's words, Please feel free to E-Mail Me!!!!!


Speacial Thanks:

Thanks to Val's WallPaper Shop for her background she made for me.

Thanks to World Flying/Animated Flags for the PR flag.

Thanks to The Banner Generator for the PR logo.