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Greetings to all & Welcome to My Photo Album. I am glad you can come. I hope I am not a disapointment to you and that you like what you see.*Nervous Smile* I also have a little description of what the pics are, So enjoy My Album and hope that you don't go blind due to some horrific pics of me.*looks down* By the way, The mask above is my inner reflection of my soul.That's a long story so don't ask. Thanks for coming. Laters! *S*

Let's start from the beginning. This was me when I was a baby chick of about two years old. I think I was celebrating my second B-day in this pic. Anyway, my language back then was.........*peep peep peep peep* I know, corny joke, and I have a whole bag full of them.

Ok, So here I am now, many many years later after I have hatched. So please don't be shocked cause I don't know what happened to me after that baby pic. It's ghastly isn't it. UGH! I don't blame you. If you even dared to click on my pic to see a bigger image I commend you for going that far. But you know what, I decided not to do that just so you don't sue me for going blind. ok? O.K! :0(

And the nerve of me to even think of putting up more. Why? Why did I do such a thing? What was I thinking? I feel so bad for you. Ok....If you can't take any more of this S--t, please leave my premises. I don't blame you. I would leave...believe me, I have. Anyway, sorry to have bothered you. But I commend you for making it this far. Congrats! Please move on to better images. Thank You! By the way, if you wish to find that old pic of me by the waterfall, GO HERE! Ok, Move along now!

Well, this pic is a little bit bigger but I am much smaller due to embarassement of the other pics. I have always liked this pic due to the fact that I am hardly visible. This pic was taken at St.John Divine Cathedral in Manhattan. It was during the winter time, January to be exact. Brrrr.........I was cold. And all I was doing was visiting my cousin. She's in the shadows shaped like a Peacock. *LOL* She's beautiful huh?

Well here's my kitty after being so tired of eating and all. Lazy Head! Actually, I train her. I train her not to eat birds like me. And I have trained her very well too cause look at how tired she is. *L* But I love her. The Little Monster!

Why do cats like candles so much? You would think she's worshipping in this pic. I think she was. To think after 16 years of knowing my cat..........Hmmmm, I just don't know anymore. And yes, she'll be 16yrs old this year. She's an old hag.*L* Well, senior citizen but she's up there anyway!! Damn she looks good!*L*

For those of you that know me, yes I still have this darn cat. She's getting old and senile, but I still hold on to my life long friend. The pic on the left is the real pic and then I just did an artsy thing with the pic and liked it so much, I decided to display it here on my website. And if you pay real close attention, you can see my shape lurking around in the shadows. :-) I think this is a great pic of her. *Meow!*

Here is a closer look at my cousin. She's kind of pretty, isn't she? Wish I could look like that. Well, Actually I am very happy with my own red feathers.*S*

I still wish I could look like this. *Sighs* Oh well.......Here's wishing! Wish me luck! I'll need it! :0(

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This is the end now so I must send you on your way.Maybe I'll have more for you in the future. But that's it for now. So click on my beautiful cousin peacock to fly you home(even though peacocks don't fly). Have A Nice Day & Thank You For Visiting FIREBIRD Photo Album. Bye Now!!!!!!