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Yes, it's that time of year where I once again (for the 3rd time) make my predictions for the Oscars. This will probably be the most ridiculously predictable Oscars yet due to the SAG strike this year. And of course a run of dry bad movies for the year 2000. But this time, I ask that viewers lend me your voices and state their predictions too. Curious to see who agrees with me and who doesn't. So have fun making your statements as I will make mine. So, may I have the envelope please!

Best Picture

Statement: Oy vay!!! Chocalates and Dragons and Togas, Oh My!!!! I didn't see "Erin Brockovich" or "Traffic" so I can't say how good or bad it was. I loved "Chocolat" but since the story is more of a comedy/romantic sort of thing, it won't win. The oscars go for more dramatic plots. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was an awesome 'kick-ass' flick in a spiritual sort of way. I really enjoyed the movie and it was quite an adventurous film. Everything was done beautifully. Now, I never had any intentions of seeing "Gladiator". It seemed like a bloody guy flick to me. Then I just one day went ahead and saw it. Don't ask what made me do that. But I was sure glad I did. They really made sure the women had to stay for this movie because if it was all about the sport, I would have walked out. Even though I have heard this story before, it was so compelling the way it was done and the acting too. Even the music hit a nerve. I think we all know that this is the film, the epic that will take home most of the wins. Enough Said!

Prediction: "Gladiator" - Togas, Togas, Togas!!!!

Winner: "Gladiator" - I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!

Best Actor

Statement: Hmmm......this is very interesting selection. We range from a "should be" Russell Crowe, to "what if" Geoffrey Rush, to a "shocking" nomination for Ed Harris, to the "unknown" Javier Bardem, and to the all time "favorite" Tom Hanks. Who can it possibly be this year? Well, Rusell Crowe & Tom Hanks were amazing in their roles. Espeacially for Tom who had to loose all that weight. Geoffrey Rush was great too. I don't think anyone saw the movie "Pollock" which Ed Harris was in. I'm sure that movie will now be overlooked. Javier Bardem is too new to American cinema, but this will be a great experience for him. Plus it adds more to his name. So who should it be?

Prediction: Tom Hanks - Just picking favorites here.

Winner: Russell Crowe - Ok this shocked me cause I didn't think he was going to win. I felt the way he looked. But I am glad he won. I thought he was great in "Gladiator". Oh well, lost the bet in this category. :-/

Best Actress

Statement: Ok, to be honest, I have not really seen any of these actresses perform in these movies except for Juliette Binoche. I thought she was wonderful in "Chocolat". But I don't think her role is powerful enough to win. I hear that Ellen Burstyn was great and that Laura Linney was spectacular. But I think hollywood's favorite golden girl is going to get it. It seems like it's her time this year.

Prediction: Julia Roberts - Why? Because she's the favorite. (Another Favorite.)

Winner: Julia Roberts - I saw that coming from miles away.

Best Supporting Actor

Statement: *LMAO* You're going to have to excuse the hearts that used to be around Joaquin. He's gorgeous!!!! I'm a sucker for a wolf-like guy with dark hair and light eyes. Well, that's my opinion. Anyway, enough of my wishful thinking. This is a freaky category. Seriously!! We have a good-looking guy that played a creep so well, to a point that I was glad to see him get beat up in the end. Benicio needs to stop making these weird expressions on his face that makes him look scary. He played a great role. Incredible actor. But those expressions scare me. William Dafoe is both creepy acting and looking. *L* No offense Mr.Dafoe. But he does scare me the most. I think for that, he'll take the oscar. Jeff Bridges is the only non-scary looking guy that I like as an actor. I haven't seen Albert Finney act in "Erin Brockervich" so I can't judge him. But really this battle is between Joaquin and Benicio.You know who I would give it to, but I'm not an "Academy Member" so that rules me out. Anyway, enough of this.

Prediction: Benicio Del Torro - Stronger actor and performance. I apologize to the guy with the hearts for betraying you, but I still love you. In my fantasy world that is. If this ever became real, I would............ Never mind, wishful thinking.

Winner: Benicio Del Toro - Hooray for the first Puerto Rican actor to get an oscar. I saw this one coming from miles away also, but I am glad he won.

Personal Note: Joaquin, for a guy who just woke up 2 hours (?) before the oscars, who didn't comb his hair, tuck his shirt in, or wear socks and looked extremely nervous, you still look good. He did to me. But on, that pic of him has to go. Not his best side. *L* Joaquin is just too cute. :-)

Best Supporting Actress

Statement: Oh goodness, I don't know what to say about this category. I haven't seen any of these performances, except Judi Dench. I like Judi Dench, she's a wonderful actress. I doubt she'll win in this category. But then again, she won an Academy for her 8 minute speech in "Shakespeare In Love", rather than her main role in "Mrs.Brown". So anything is possible. But I think it's a bit obvious who's going to get it due to all the hype and media whooopla. And besides, I'm taking some very trust worthy people's words in this winner and the movie. Can't say much more for this category. So my prediction?

Prediction: Kate Hudson - Another and yet third favorite for this year's oscars.

Winner: Marcia Gay Harden - This was the most shocking win ever. What happened to the Kate Hudson hype? Didn't see this one coming at all. Lost the bet on this category too.

Best Director

Statement: Well, many people would think that with Steven Soderbergh's double nomination, he can't loose. But I think he will loose because you have guys like Ridley Scott and Ang Lee that are amazing film makers. I don't know much of Daldry's movies. But it's nice to know the movie "Billy Elliot" was nominated for something. Anyway, without further adieu, I will say my prediction.

Prediction: Ang Lee - "Gladiator" can't win for everything. Tiger, Dragon was just amazingly done so Lee deserves this one over Ridley.

Winner: Steven Sordenbergh for "Traffic". Damn those double nominations. I was dissapointed that Ang Lee didn't get it. He should have won for this one. :-(

Other Categories

Usually, I list all other categories, but I really don't feel like it this year. For that you might as well go to for all categories. But I will make a few more predictions before I end this years annual oscar predictions.

Best Foreign Film, Adapted Writing, Art Direction(?) & Cinematography(?): Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Musical(Score), Costume, Cinematography(?), Visual Effects, Art Direction(?), Sound, Film Editing & Original Writing(?): Gladiator

Makeup: Dr.Suess, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Music(Song): Wonder Boys

Well, that does it for my predictions and statements. So now this is where you say what you want to say. Fill in the blanks as much as you can. State why if you can in 60 words or less. Save the rest for the comments box. ok? Now it's your turn. Tag, you're it!!!

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