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This picture was taken in Fahnstock Forest in the country side of NY. It's so beautiful in upstate NY.

This is another picture at Fahnstock Forest by the lake.

This is St.John Cathedral in the upper west side of Manhattan. This place is so peaceful and has beautiful peacocks roaming around the church courtyards.

SHHHH........Now the city starts to sleep as the sun goes down. But this city never sleeps when the lights are turned on. This is a pic of Wallstreet. In case you are wondering how I got that view, I was on the Staten Island Ferry.

The sun settting view from on top of the World Trade Center. This building is about 120 stories high which is why the veiw is so spectacular.

There's the sun. Although the city looks like it will retire for the day, there is still a nightlife side of this wild sleepless city. By the way, this pic is actually 3rd Dimensional, but you can't tell because this pic was scanned.

Well I hope you enjoyed your quick visit of NYC, I will be having more later on. So until then, Fare Thee Well & G'Night!!!