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HTML Fragment

Here is the HTML fragment you will be needing to work your Webring Link.In order to use this HTML on your page, do the Cut/Copy and Paste!!!!! Don't worry about downloading the logos, I have already attached them to the HTML!


The html form allows you to easily tell ring members what HTML code to put on their web pages. If you put your ring HTML snippet here, the code can be automatically customized by the Webring and e-mail to ring members when they join (by inserting the code --htmlfragment-- in the add_mail form or --htmlfragment2-- if you want it to show HTML tags on a web page). This is highly recommended as it allows new ring members to simply cut and paste a bit of HTML onto their page. Members can also see what HTML code they should be using by going to the Edit Site Information page.

Valid substitutions for this form include for(New Members ONLY!):

The Site ID
URL of site
Title of site
Owner of new site
E-mail address of owner
Also, font colors of the ring can be changed to the members liking. Howver, link and visited link colors are set to the way you have your homepage.

The following replacements apply to all customizable forms(Ring Master ONLY!):

Ring ID for the current ring
URL for the main Webring script (
Title of the current Webring
Ringmaster's e-mail
Ringmaster's name
URL for the current ring's homepage
Description for this Webring
Keywords for this Webring

The lettering on this HTML has to be this small so it will fit right in the HTML of your page.

<center> <!--START TABLE CUT HERE--> <!-- Example code in table form --> <CENTER> <P><TABLE BORDER=10 CELLPADDING=3 CELLSPACING=3 WIDTH=500> <TR><TH> <FONT Size=2 FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF"> <a href="" target="_top"> <img src="" align="left" WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=100 BORDER=0></a> <a href=";id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;next" target="_top"> <img src="" align="right" WIDTH=80 HEIGHT=125 BORDER=0></a> This <a href="" target="_top">Mysterious Webrings of FireBird</a> site is owned by <BR> <a href="mailto:SITE_OWNER_EMAIL"><FONT SIZE="2">Your_Name_Here</FONT></a>. <BR><BR> <FONT SIZE="2"> Want to join the <A HREF="" target="_top">Mysterious Webrings of FireBird</A>?</FONT> </TH></TR> <TR><TH> <FONT Size=3> [<a href=";id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;sprev" target="_top">Skip Prev</a>] [<a href=";id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;prev" target="_top">Prev</a>] [<a href=";id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;next" target="_top">Next</a>] [<a href=";id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;skip" target="_top">Skip Next</a>] [<a href=";ring=feather" target="_top">Random</a>] [<a href=";id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;next5" target="_top">Next 5</a>] [<a href=";list" target="_top">List Sites</a>] </FONT> </TH></TR></TABLE> </CENTER> <!--STOP TABLE CUT HERE-->

Your Webring logo's and tables should look like the image below.

This Mysterious Webrings of FireBird site is owned by

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