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You may not leave this page until we acknowledge who have made this page possible. If it wasn't for them, this wonderful Halloween page would not be up. Thanks and please visit them to show appreciation. Laters!



I would like to thank these particular pages first because they are the ones I have borrowed from the most and of course they have banners to display as well. These logos above are a prority to me. I would like to thank the Caverns of Blood for alot of the midi and wave files and also for some of their images. I would very very much like to thanks Jan's Courtyard. They are the suppliers to all the images that are within the rooms of the haunted house. They even gave me some special images. I am so thankful and appreciative to that. Thanks to Robin's Graphics for the images of some pumpkins and of course the big Halloween banner on my main page. Thanks to Roxy's Renditions for a few images I have used and also to Spooky's Halloween Crypt for I too have used one or two images from them too. Also thanks to The Banner Generator for giving me the opportunity to create my own fonts and sizes and all other stuff. That's a cool plce to go to. Thank you all very much. Now read down below for more Thank You's. There's Alot! *L*


These are some of the other Thank You I HAVE to mention because they all literally had an effect on my work. First off I would like to thank Mandy for her helpful list of places to go. If it wasn't for her list, I would not know about anyone else I am thanking now. *L* I would like to thank Spiral for some of their most effective wav files on my page. They are awesome! I have to thank Dlaweb Holiday Clipart for helping me out with the image you see on Graveyard2. I would be so lost if it wasn't for this guy. Hey Full Moon Girls , I didn't forget about you. For you are the ones that also gave me a few midi files and a few scenes I really needed for my pages. Thanks so much! Halloween Horrors, Thanks for inspiring me to be really scary with my pages. And to Castle Of Spirits, some of their former images I have borrowed from a long time ago and I still use them Just wanted to let you know that I am still thankful to that. Thanks to Mystic Gifs for the image on Graveyard3. It was a big help for me! :-) And to Caryn's Haunted Playhouse, thanks for the images I have picked up on as well. Shady Lady's Horror Gifs has so many wonderful images I have picked up on. I did not use all of them, but some of them were worth the edition to me page. Thanks! And I have also used a few images from Sheriberry's Graveyard and I am very appreciative to that. Muchas Gracias! Thanks to Sunset Angel for the idea of surrounding my mouse with the little ghosts. Awesome feature huh? And another HTML idea came from Angela Barton's Halloween. I borrowed the pop-up window features as well as some images. Thanks to Carla's Animation Page for the little leaf images you see through out the pumpkin patch and graveyard and for a few other images as well. The last person I have to thaks, But definately not the least cause I saved this best one for last. Also another HTML feature I have borrowed from, thanks to Halloween Night for the flashig screen HTML that you see in the beginning of my page. He too has some great useful images as well. Thank you. Thanks to everyone that has made this page possible. This page has been supported by Tripod. Thanks to tham as well. Laters!


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Please send me any spooky comments, suggestions or any other kind of trick-or-treat mail. I shall be anticipating a reply on this webpage. Thanks and Have A Great Halloween!!! :-)

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